Alberta Hunting

ah1If you want to hunt  big whitetail, mule deer, moose, wolf and coyote in a true wintertime Canadian setting this is where you want to be. This outfitter offers you a choice of hunt settings.

ah2Foothills hunts will have you still hunting from heated stands or ground blinds, typically deep in the woods along cut lines for timber and underground gas/oil pipe lines. This hunt requires you to really be on your toes as the deer and wolf are moving through the woods and won't hang around long in the open cutlines. The areas this hunt takes place in are GMU328 & 339. Mule deer are present, so if the hunter gets his whitetail deer early, he could get a second deer on the same hunt. The only additional cost would be a license fee, available prior to or during the hunt (provided Mule Deer allocation is available). If you are into predator hunting for coyote and wolf, these hunting areas do have some possibilities and you can hunt them for free with no limit on the animals harvested!

Farmland hunts are for  those that want a little more comfort and opportunity at sizing up your deer before you shoot you will be hunting over open fields from heated box stands or ground blinds in GMU 505 & 506. Once you’ve killed your deer, you will have the opportunity to hunt mule deer or moose for the cost of a license, or hunt wolf and coyote for free.

ah3Whitetail Deer Hunts: Six days to Ten days. Those hunters who take a prize whitetail early in the hunt are welcome to hunt for moose, mule deer for the cost of the license, wolf or coyote for free. Please ensure that you have purchased the required licenses should you desire this option. You will hunt the full duration of your hunt. Once you tag out with this outfitter, you will continue to hunt for something else. You paid for a six

(or ten) day hunt and you will get that opportunity.


6 (or 10) Days of hunting. In some areas, Sunday hunting is not allowed. Spotting however is.

Services of a Knowledgeable, Licensed Guide

Full Board Accommodation, Meals at the hotel restaurant or generous food allowance so you can eat where you want

Ground Transportation During the Hunt

Airport Pick Up and Return

ALL our areas feature Portable, Heated Blinds

Not Included:

Hunting License/Tag, Air Transportation, Hotel Accommodation Before and

After the Hunt (usually one night either side of the hunt; Nisku Inn, 800-276-7415,800-661-6966,, Cigarettes and

Alcoholic Beverages, Cost of Phone Calls.

Terms of payment: If booking less than 18 months in advance of your scheduled hunt date a 33% deposit is required with another 33% due June 1and the balance due 30 days before your hunt. If booking over 18 months in advance, contact us to structure a payment plan that will work for both the outfitter and yourself. Deposits are Absolutely Non-Refundable unless you can fill your reservation with another person. Deposits will not be carried over to the next year.

Contact us at [email protected] if interested in this hunt, and we will be more than glad to answer your questions, work with you in developing a budget so you know what your projected total turnkey cost will be, booking and handling all arrangements if desired, assisting with your gear list and establishment of reasonable expectations for the hunt, etc. References are available. If a late season Alberta hunt is on your bucket list of hunts, this certainly is the destination you will want to go to.