Facilitated Hunting and Fishing Trips

Hook-n-Hunt  is a business whose primary mission is providing Big Game & Fly-Fishing Facilitation Services. Our 40+ years of combined experience in the hunting and fishing arena and commitment to knowing and meeting your expectations provides you the opportunity of allowing Hook-n-Hunt to facilitate your next hunting or fishing trip with the assurance that our business in not based on quantity, but rather quality. Check out our “Hunting and Fishing Trips” section for a complete listing of currently offered hunting and fishing trips. If you don’t see what you are looking for contact us and let us put your customized hunt together.

Some of the hunting trips completed to date include:

Texas Hog Hunt (multiple times)

Alaska Fall Brown Bear Hunt (multiple times)

Maine Fall Bear (multiple times)

Idaho Bear and Elk Hunt (multiple times)

Quebec Spring Black Bear Hunt (multiple times)

Newfoundland Moose/Bear Hunt (multiple times)

Alaska Spring Black Bear Boat Hunt

Maine Whitetail Deer (multiple times)

South Dakota Archery Whitetail Hunt

African Safari  (multiple times)

Wyoming Antelope Hunt (multiple times)

Idaho Mountain Lion Hunt 

Newfoundland Spring Bear Hunt (multiple times)

Manitoba Whitetail Deer Hunt (multiple times)

Manitoba Bear Hunt

Saskatchewan White Tail Hunt (multiple times)

South Dakota Mule Deer Hunt (multiple times)

Quebec Caribou (2) Hunt

Wyoming Trophy Mule Deer Hunt

Texas Whitetail Hunt (multiple times)

British Columbia Multi Species hunt (multiple times)

Alberta Whitetail Hunt (multiple times)

Alaska Moose Hunt

New Mexico Primitive Weapons Elk Hunt (multiple times)

Some of the fishing trips completed to date include:

Jackson Hole, WY Fly-fishing Trip (multiple times)

TN Float Trophy Trout Fly-fishing Trip (multiple times)

Glacier National Park, MT Fly-fishing Trip