Florida Hunting

It's January and you are already going stir crazy, counting the days to the opening of your big game season where you hunt. You got a lot of counting left to do. Or, maybe this spring or summer you are going to take the family to Florida for a vacation and would certainly like to have something to do that allows you to blow off some steam for a day. The Outfitter is located 5 minutes off of I-95 in Cocoa, Florida which is a short 40 minute drive from the Disneyworld area.

fhIf either of these scenarios sound familiar, we're here to help. Why not consider a Florida Alligator, Hog or Turkey hunt. Its more affordable than you think, probably a lot closer than any spring bear hunt you might want to consider in Canada or out west, especially if you are already in Florida or for that matter the southeast to the mid-Atlantic.

hook-n-hunt in conjunction with the Outfitter offers a variety of hunting options. The Outfitter conducts Professionally Guided Hunts for Osceola Turkeys (March-April), Wild Boar (Year around) and Alligators (Year around). Not only are they  an outstanding gator outfitter, they are a major supplier of alligator and wild game hunting supplies throughout the south east. This is a family run operation with over 20 years' experience.

 Come hunt alligators ranging in size from 6' to 12' & larger. Be careful what you wish for now. These creatures originating over 150 million years ago are one adrenalin pumping experience.

fl-sl2Hunts are conducted from either a 13 ft Air boat, a 21 ft Bay Boat, or a Swamp Buggy. Hunts are based on  their method of hunting on the particular area they are hunting as well as the client's preference. They typically gig the gators, take them with a crossbow, or shoot them with a rifle (private land trophy hunts only). All of their hunts are based on a first come, first serve basis. Therefore, we suggest you book as soon as possible. Upon completion of your hunt, they can also recommend several reputable taxidermists.

Hunts will range in price depending on the length of the gator. Their public water and charter hunts run from August 15th through November 1st; Private land trophy hunts run year around. Observers for these are $250.00/day. All of their alligator Hunts are guaranteed top quality with a no shot-no pay policy (meaning that if you don't get a shot at an alligator they will refund your money, excluding the $250.00 deposit). Passing on a gator of the size you requested to hunt, counts as a shot opportunity. Once a deposit is received we will provide you with a copy of the Outfitter's contract for execution by the hunter with it being returned within two weeks.

Included in the price of the hunt: experienced one on one guide, all equipment necessary, transportation on property, and transportation of alligator to and from processor.

 Not included in the price of the hunt: is processing of your alligators or hogs. All of the gators are processed at a licensed and inspected processing plant. You can expect your hide to be scraped, salted, and rolled for transport. Your meat will be defatted, cut, cubed, and vacuum-sealed. Additionally, you will be required to purchase an Alligator Trapping Agents License for $51.50 + tax. Shipping, handling, and coolers are not included in the price of your hunt.

Hogs may be hunted year round using rifles, shotguns, crossbows, bows, knives, spears, or pistols. There is no size, bag limit or hunting license required. You can hunt these fierce fighters by stands or with dogs. Hogs are priced on a per animal basis.

The Outfitter has access to 10,000 acres of prime turkey hunting ranches in the heart of Osceola County. These ranches are conveniently located 30 minutes south of Orlando and approximately 45 miles from the Kennedy Space Center and the Space Coast Beaches. These semi-guided hunts will be for 2.5 days and priced with or without lodging.

Numerous people over the years have told me that they heard that alligator taste like chicken and asked if that was true. Well since alligators have been around for over 150 million years and chickens haven't, the fact is chickens taste like alligators.

Contact us at [email protected] if interested in this hunt, and we will be more than glad to answer your questions, work with you in developing a budget so you know what your projected total turnkey cost will be, booking and handling all arrangements if desired, assisting with your gear list and establishment of reasonable expectations for the hunt, etc. References are available. If a Alligator hunt is on your bucket list of hunts, this certainly is the destination you will want to go to.