Texas Hunting

Texas the Lone Star State has reputably the most diversified hunting environment of any lower 48 US state. We work with three outfitters across the state. Two of them are exclusively used for free ranging hog hunts. The third outfitter provides 5 star accommodations and a ranch style/preserve hunting environment.

The South Texas Outfitter offering the ranch style hunting has great whitetail hunting that is very close to the still hunting that is predominantly done east of the Mississippi. The does are strung tighter than an over tuned banjo and the bucks are as wary as any you will see back east. Did I mention the hogs, coyotes, fox and bobcats, also? They have a great hog hunting package too. They also have an abundance of free range feral hogs. This is truly a hunter’s paradise located at the edge of the Texas foothill region one (1) hour west of San Antonio. Football isn’t the only big sport in Texas.

tx-hogsThe entire 45+ square miles has planted food plots throughout, each planted with grain twice a year. All animals are protein fed via feeders throughout the year, assuring exceptional horn and antler growth. The property contains exceptional foliage and browse for a deer and exotic paradise. Over 40 different species of deer and exotics are offered making this ranch a hunter's delight. The ranch is big and beautiful with grass and oaks abundant. You get "South Texas Deer" with hill country beauty. This is some of Texas' most beautiful Hill Country. There is no sage brush. Almost all species have large herds. For example, there are over 500 Audads, 700 Elk, and 400 Axis deer. Whitetail deer are abundant in quantities throughout the property. Facilities are second to none with "five star" lodging and meals with all hunts guided. Spring Turkey hunts are also available. Corporate arrangements are possible with lodging for up to 22 guests.

tx2Items included in your hunt: Food (3 meals per day), lodging,  guide, game retrieval, skinning, readying your harvest for transport by you or delivery to the processor and or taxidermist.

Items not included with your hunt: applicable licenses, cook, housekeeper & guide gratuity, processing, shipping.

Typical terms of Payment: 50% down confirms your spot for the selected/customized package. Balance due 30 days prior to the scheduled hunt date. All payments made by check to hook-n-hunt.

Cancellation Policy: No refunds given, but credit is given to rebook within one year. $50 rebooking fee.

Our other two outfitters that offer you the free range hog hunting have more than adequate facilities and varied hunting styles. These hunts, I would classify as do it yourself and or semi-guided in nature.

Properly timed in December/January will afford you the opportunity of attending one of the many college football games played in Texas during the Christmas Holidays.

Contact us at [email protected] if interested in this hunt, and we will be more than glad to answer your questions, work with you in developing a budget so you know what your projected total turnkey cost will be, booking and handling all arrangements if desired, assisting with your gear list and establishment of reasonable expectations for the hunt, etc. References are available. If a Texas style ranch hunt or free range hog hunt is on your bucket list of hunts, this certainly is the destination you will want to go to.