Wyoming Fly Fishing

We are excited to offer this opportunity to Fly Fish the world renowned waters of Wyoming including the Flat Creek area that runs through the National Elk Refuge, Green River, Hoback River and Snake River in Jackson Hole and The North Platte River and Miracle Mile in Casper, among others.

We work two outstanding Fly Fishing Outfitters who will put you on the fish.

fashiyWhether it is a float trip, a wading trip or one the outfitter's overnight fishing trips in Wyoming you're sure to have a great time. Fish year around for multiple species of trout  all when in season. Some of these fish will test the flex on the rods you hook them on.  All fishing is catch and release so the fish can grow even bigger and be caught again.

Package up a float trip with one of our hunts in Wyoming, you won't be sorry.

Got a group of people that want to go. The outfitter can handle groups up to 16-18 with advance notice and proper scheduling.

wy2The outfitter will provide rods and flies along with a lunch. Purchase licenses on line or locally where the trip originates from prior to the trip. On overnight trips they will provide all meals, tents etc. You provide own sleeping bag and incidentals. Gear list for overnight trips will be provided.

Float trips are typically two people per boat, but trips can be arranged for one fisherman.

Be sure to bring a rain jacket, non slip shoes or wading boots,  a hat, sun screen in the summer, a digital camera and  other incidentals  you might need on the trip.

wy3wy4Contact us at [email protected] if interested in this fishing trip, and we will be more than glad to answer your questions, work with you in developing a budget so you know what your projected total turnkey cost will be, booking and handling all arrangements if desired, assisting with your gear list and establishment of reasonable expectations for the fishing, etc. References are available.