Wyoming Hunting

Looking for a trophy or SCI record book antelope, mule or whitetail deer, black bear, moose or elk hunt. We have just that for you. We work with three first class outfitters across the state of Wyoming to provide the hunter with not only the opportunity of selecting the region of the state they want to hunt in, but whether they would prefer a camp or town/camper hunt. To draw a tag in Wyoming you need to count on having some preference points. The number required vary by species and location. Therefore, hunting in Wyoming requires planning at least two years or more in advance. However, in most cases the end more than justifies the means. Our Casper area outfitter also runs deer and antelope hunts in Montana, which also will likely require preference points to be drawn.

wh1Our outfitters are located in the Gillette, Casper and Jackson Hole areas of Wyoming. One nice thing about this is all three locations offer the opportunity for some world class trout fly-fishing before or after the hunt. See our Wyoming fishing flier for additional information.

Town & Camper Hunts; this type of hunt provides you the opportunity to bring your own camper if you so choose and stay in a local campground or stay at a local motel. All lodging and meal cost on camper & town hunts are the responsibility of the hunter.

Camp hunts; this type of hunt range from wall tents to lodge camps and the camp size varies. Each hunter will need to bring their own sleeping bag. Included in the price of your camp hunt is your guide, transportation to your hunting location, all meals and lodging including a field lunch and care of meat in the field.

deer1Depending on when and where you are drawn to hunt for antelope, you may have an opportunity to take a doe antelope (additional cost) and possibly do some prairie dog shooting (no additional charge). However, the doe antelope and prairie dog are not a guaranteed part of this hunt.

The outfitter will submit the application in some instances, in others we will work with you in submitting the application.

If you fly, you will fly into either Casper, Gillette/Sheridan or Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Arrival and departure dates vary by hunt duration and geographic location the hunt will take place in. In some case you may need to overnight on the front and or backside of the hunt. As always, if time and geographic location permit we recommend driving. When you have two or more people, this more often than not more economical than everyone flying.

Included above for the hunt is: Base hunting fee, guide services. The outfitter will field dress your trophy and transport it to the processor. Lodging and food provided on camp based hunts only.

Not included above for the hunt is: License/tags, taxes, taxidermy, shipping  & packaging of meat/trophies, transportation, gratuities, food/lodging on town/camper based hunts, and incidental expenses.

wh3Payments: An initial deposit  is required (amount varies based on the cost of the hunt) to hold your spot. Installments on the hunt will be due as arranged based on the dates of the hunts, but in all cases all hunts must be paid for in full 45 days in advance of the scheduled hunt.

All checks are to be made out to hook-n-hunt and sent to hook-n-hunt. We will log your payment and e-mail you a payment log each time we receive a check. Hunts are not confirmed until receipt of check for payment in full. There are no refunds, if you have to cancel/reschedule for a legitimate reason before January 15th of the year of the scheduled hunt, every effort with the outfitter will be made towards rescheduling a hunt for the following year, however the final decision on this rest with the outfitter and circumstances of the request.

Contact us at [email protected] if interested in this hunt, and we will be more than glad to answer your questions, work with you in developing a budget so you know what your projected total turnkey cost will be, booking and handling all arrangements if desired, assisting with your gear list and establishment of reasonable expectations for the hunt, etc. References are available.

If a trophy/record book antelope, mule/whitetail deer, moose, bear or elk  hunt in Wyoming is on your bucket list of hunts, this certainly is the destination you will want to go to.